Storm Optics Photography

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About Me

Hello! I am a professional photographer and storm chaser from West Central Illinois who is also a meteorologist. I take photographs and video all over the country of the most violent weather including tornadoes, major hurricanes, ice storms, blizzards, and in the winter I photgraph birds at high speeds.

For licensing of single photographs for print you can contact me at!

My gear consists of the following:



Sony Alpha 1

Sony A9II

Sony 24mm F/1.4 GM

Sony 35mm F/1.4 GM

Sony 24-70mm F/2.8 GM

Sony 70-200mm F/2.8 GM

Sony 200-600 G

Sony 100-400mm GM

Sony 135mm F/1.8 GM

Sony 20mm F/1.8 G

Sony 12-24mm F/2.8 GM

Sony 85mm F/1.4 GM

Again if you wish to purchase any photographs please contact me at or click on my facebook and send me a DM. Thank you!!